Wandering through fear

An argument for persistence in the face of one's otherwise deterring incompentence.

This will be short. It will not be so for the sake of brevity or a lack of what to say, but the simple fact that exploring the recesses of one’s mind is not without some discomfort in my case. We seem to spend our lives haunted by fears of the unknown, especially when in unfamiliar territory.

“What if I fail?”

“What if I’m just not good enough?”

It keeps us from writing, from work… from love. Lately I have sought to defeat this monster not by brandishing a religious text as evidence of just how “special” I am or self-affirming declarations as some might have you do. No, none of that. What I have found useful is the realisation that our lives are but a momentary flash in the eternal disco that is the universe.

Momentary incompetence, as long as you are aware of its existence doesn’t matter. It is but a step toward your goal of excellence, assuming of course that you have such a goal. It is perfectly alright to have incomplete understanding as long as one is aware of one’s fallibility and willing to adjust one’s understanding as life progresses.

As such, this is a rather weak article… but that’s okay. I’ll improve.