1. Timidly raising one’s hand in objection In the absence of dissent lies the risk of evil becoming the norm.
  2. Wandering through fear An argument for persistence in the face of one's otherwise deterring incompentence.
  3. Sketching for user interfaces A few tips on how to approach wireframing/designing custom UI controls
  4. The hard way Partly a manifesto, and partly a call for sanity.
  5. Tsunetomo on giving opinions Ever so often you'll get asked to weigh in on some topic or asked what you think of someone's work.
  6. Joseph on learning to program: #1 Guest article - Documenting a journey into learning to program
  7. Getting started with HyperDex Super-charging your NoSQL with a datastore that cares about your data
  8. Designers are not a panacea Visual design will not fix your broken business
  9. The Nature of Writing as Design After discussions with a writer friend, in which he considered design and writing to be different, I realized it would be prudent to put my thoughts on the subject to paper
  10. Nietzsche On The Will to Power In which Nihilism yet again proves herself a terribly seductive temptress. It is interesting how much this perspective pervades modern society.
  11. Squeryl testing with specs2: gotchas A quick start guide to using squeryl with specs2 for unit testing.
  12. So, I heard you had a brainwave Going around the loop a couple of times, one learns a few things. Here are my notes on transforming ideas humming in the back of the mind into viable businesses.
  13. Notes on the Amazon Dynamo Paper Caveat emptor - My incomplete notes on the Amazon Dynamo paper. These are probably not suitable for public consumption.
  14. On Being Different The aspects where one is different are inevitably the same parts which lead to a loss of empathy and being able to understand what others need.
  15. Kendo: Goals A reflection on how one paces out goals on a journey that lasts a lifetime.
  16. 21st Century Communication These days there are so many ways of reaching people in remote areas of the world at strange times. It makes one wonder how the human race has adapted for these differences in such a short span of time.
  17. Twitter Developer Nest - February 2010 Attended the February Twitter Developer Nest
  18. Scala with Miles Sabin Attended an "Introduction to Scala for Java developers" talk at Skillsmatter. Presented by Miles Sabin, of Chuusai (the chaps who make the Scala IDE for Eclipse), the talk covered an overview of functional programming.
  19. Kendo: Zanshin A few notes on what I've learnt lately in Kendo practice. An imprecise attempt at covering the topic of Zanshin.
  20. 23:57!!! A pretty lame attempt at writing again. I hope future writing attempts are better than this one. As they say there's nowhere to go but up from here.
  21. How does this writing thing go again? Chiming in a bit late on a Thursday night. Getting started on Project 52. (Update - this did not go too well in the end.)
  22. Google Android Developer Lab I spent yesterday at Google London attending the Android Developer Lab. It's a great time to be in the mobile applications space.
  23. Londroid September 17th, 2009 Spent an evening with the London Android User Group at Skills Matter. Three talks/presentations in all covering; using the GPS to measure race car performance, OAuth and a MotoDev talk.